BlueCloud Company Profile

Page is updated on Thrusday 4th February 2021

The Bluecloud company, a start-up that includes three business areas and, through its experts, capitalizes number of years of experience in the industries and local communities.

Founded in 2017, European player in value-added IT services and software, BlueCloud occupies a strategic position in its differentiated approach to SME, Global Firms and municipalities (cities).

Our know-how and years of experience in Information Technology, distinguish us globally as recognized by experts in Information Systems, Network, waste sensors (fill-level and weight) technology and flexible software solutions.

With its multi-specialist profile, BlueCloud offers its clients a unique combination of proximity, sector organisation and quality industrial solutions.

Industries served are  :
  • Information & Technology
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Smart City

Three markets with a particularly urgent need to adopt emerging technologies to enhance customer intelligence capabilities and rapidly shift product and service offerings to compete in highly competitive and customer-centric arenas.

BlueCloud has specialized in the optimization of waste collection at drop-off points.BlueCloud solution “Blue-Trash” enables waste management and recycling companies to optimize their collection operations and maximize the use of valuable resources.

We do this by deploying BlueCloud wireless ultrasonic sensors (fill-level and weight) to a wide range of containers, and business application software by using the data intelligence to drive operational efficiencies including optimized routes, asset tracking and cost analysis. BlueCloud sensors leverage the latest in IoT and cellular network technologies.

BlueCloud has built working relationships with numerous local authorities, large waste collection groups and industrial clients. BlueCloud is currently one of the French market leader in waste level and weight sensors technology. In 2018, it successfully entered the international market (India, North-America and Africa).